The Hotel is a Reflection of a Cultural, Artistic and Culinary Málaga


A place filled with light and well-being to enjoy with all the senses. That’s what the Higuerón Hotel Málaga, Curio Collection by Hilton is like, a space of artistic, cultural and culinary creation that concentrates the best essence of Málaga.

On their travels through the different areas of the hotel,

the lobby and the halls, the guests and visitors are surprised by two exhibitions – one on permanent display and the other an itinerant collection – of the best local, national and international art by renowned creators. A kaleidoscopic proposal in the form of an art gallery that goes further than just the visual. Because for CURIOus Culturalists, art is everywhere.


With more than three thousand years of history, Málaga has been a cradle of civilisations.

A melting pot of cultures, the traditions of remain today and are reflected in its artistic, culinary and cultural scene, housing museums such as the Pompidou, the Thyssen, the Russian State and of course the Picasso, a tribute to Málaga’s most universal artist. Yet in Málaga, art isn’t just hidden behind the walls of the museums. The city’s corners are home to a rich heritage full of unique buildings such as the Cathedral, the Alcazaba or the Roman Theatre, all with the sound of the sea as a soundtrack. Perfect scenery for CURIOus Travellers.

And after gazing at the beauty,

listening to the maritime murmur and feeling its history, nothing can be better than to taste the identity of Málaga in a gastronomy with Mediterranean airs that has achieved the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

To this end, Higuerón Hotel Málaga, Curio Collection by Hilton offers travelers unique culinary experiences conjugating regional, classic and avant-garde cuisine with options as varied as the very tastes of the diners themselves.

Chupadeo in the lobby area

relies on local products of the very best quality that come under the umbrella of the Sabor a Málaga brand, combined to create delicious, native dishes. Our zero-food mile option. The Med Restaurant, with a spacious dining room that blends taste and distinction, is the ideal place to try dishes of Mediterranean inspiration that will conquer even the most demanding of palates.
The Akira Japanese Restaurant, which offers diners the best morsels of Japanese cuisine with freshly-made sushi, sashimi and a fusion cuisine that taps into the most ancestral Japan.

At the Arara Restaurant, clients’ taste buds will take them on a journey through a mixture of flavours from Brazilian, Peruvian and Andalusian cuisines with some Oriental touches guided by renowned chef Diego Gallegos. A place that emanates creativity and will delight the most adventurous. La Higuerita Snack Bar, meanwhile, offers a healthy selection of fresh dishes made with local and seasonal ingredients.

The crown jewel is Sollo,

chef Diego Gallegos’ Michelin Star winning restaurant which recreates an absolutely personal culinary universe based on unique fish and river caviar cuisine.

A bubble floating halfway between the land and the sea, which employs zero-food mile and sustainable cuisine thanks to its very own aquaponic system and ecological vegetable plot located within the hotel grounds.

A perfect symbiosis between growing and breeding fish with which to meet its culinary needs. A commitment that has made it the first 100% sustainable Michelin Star-holding restaurant in Spain. Visitors will have the chance to join an exclusive guided tour of the facility to discover this exciting production system and also to receive a ‘Master Class’ at the caviar chef’s private I+D laboratory. In essence, an exciting visit with just one premise: to enjoy it.

Curio – A Collection by Hilton TM is made for the curious longing for discovery and authenticity. It is a collection of original and unique hotels, impossible to forget. The hand-picked hotels of this collection aim to create the delight, to share a story and tell secrets to their guests.


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